Visiting host family and friends in Boston / Incredible summer vacation 2017

Since I came back to Germany last summer I knew I'd like to come back to Boston soon. So after babysitting and tutoring for a while I was able to buy a plane ticket back to Boston. [...]Since then July 28th was the date I was looking forward so much. It came faster than I had expected.[...]


Visiting great places in Southern France

[...] One morning we got up like usual, had those delicious french pastries and we thought about what to do today. My dad suggested to visit an island he had been before many years ago. So we got on the way to Île de Porquerolles. I honestly didn't expect anything and got completely blown away. First when we arrived at the ferry station we were surrounded by fog and couldn't even see more than 50m. While on the ferry you couldn't see anything else than deep, blue water and the fog but when we were getting closer to the island suddenly the fog disappeared and the sun was shining as bright as nothing had happened before. [...]

Pros and Cons about being home alone in Düsseldorf

[...] Again, we met up in the city and walked to the Rheinturm which is a telecommunications tower to see Düsseldorf from above. Usually when I visit cities I always try to get a chance to see it from a bird’s view because I love seeing many of the tourist attractions at once without walking that much and it’s fun to compare how different the cities look. Speaking of birds, since Katharina got up very early we were in the city around 10am and paid the “early bird” price.

Exploring Barcelona

You could play “I spy my little eye…” all day long. Instead of trying to find the right word to describe how crazy amazing the church is, I’ll show you some photos instead. I really hope they help you to understand what I’m talking about. Oh, one more thing, when I entered the Sagrada Família I couldn’t stop myself from saying a more than deeply impressed “wow” out loud. The arcituecte is so ingenious and the windows create such a special atmosphere.

Family & Friends vacation in Les Paccots, Switzerland

I like Switzerland because it has a beautiful nature. Already on the highway we had a great view on the mountains. I love mountains a lot because I really enjoy activities in the mountains like climbing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. The nature and landscapes in Switzerland are amazing! Wherever you are, you always see mountains and sometimes even with a white top. It is too bad that because of the Swiss currency everything from hotels, food, ski passes and living in general is so expensive that we rarely go to Switzerland for vacation.

Four amazing days in Munich, Germany

[...] So we decided to go to Munich which is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It's the 3rd largest city in Germany and in my opinion also one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been. The German name for Munich is "München". You probably heard of it before because Munich is the city where the Oktoberfest takes place.