Tuscany, Italy / Summer Vacation 2016

For this year’s summer vacation my family and I went to the Tuscany in Italy. We left Germany Friday morning and stopped about half way at my mom’s cousin’s house in Verona. We visited them couple times before and I always enjoyed it a lot. It’s good to have friends and family in different countries. Verona is a very old and historical town. It’s also very famous because the love story from Romeo and Juliet happened there. Two years ago we went to Julia’s balcony but his time we just went to a restaurant. In the menu hey had six (!!) pages of pizzas. My friend and I ordered together so we could try two different ones and they were the most delicious pizzas I’ve ever had! And the restaurant itself was just amazing. It was outside but over a gigantic tree built a natural roof. So pretty!

We stayed at the house of our relatives for a night and went back on the road the next day. Around 3pm we arrived at our vacation home. It’s a beautiful vacation house near Montepulciano in the southern of Tuscany. Sometime later my grandparents arrived with my aunt and a friend of her. We spent the next days by doing nothing than relaxing in the sun, reading, playing games and swimming in the pool.


One evening we went to a traditional festival in Montepulchiano where the people dressed in costumes they used to wear many, many years ago. It was very interesting.

I really like Italy because of its unique nature. The landscapes and sunsets we saw were so stunning and beautiful. I tried to take good pictures of it but in reality it looks so much better than a picture can capture. Here are some of my favorites.

One day we went to Montechiello. It’s actually the town you can see on the picture above this text. Montechiello is an old Italian town and very pretty. Somehow they had so many flowers there. Most of them were around windows or on every second step of a staircase. We walked around, took pictures, went into the church and drunk a coffee in a nice restaurant with a wonderful view. The coffee there was so delicious and not expensive at all.

Couple days after Montechiello we wanted to go to the market in Pienza. Unfortunately the market was very, very tiny so we decided to walk through the town. It was also very pretty and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the streets, buildings, churches and the landscapes while my family was exploring Pienza.

In the second week we went to the beach one time which was fun and continued to relax at the pool at our vacation home. But the other day we went to Florence. The whole trip was wicked (love the the Boston accent) cool. In my eyes Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! I mean just look at the cathedral. It wasn’t quite easy to take pictures of it because first it is so big and second there were sooo many tourist and some of them didn’t put their selfie stick away which was quite annoying. But other than that it was very impressive to think about what human beings built many decades ago with only their handy and some simple tools. I think it’s crazy!

After we spent some time walking around the cathedral we walked to the Piazza della Signoria. In the middle of the plaza was a giant bronze turtle. I thought it was really cool especially since my host sister and Shannon share an inside joke about turtles.

After that we decided to go to a museum where very famous art is presented. My dad is really into art so we didn’t stop him even we were a little exhausted. On the day we were there the museum donated all money they made at this day to the victims of the earthquake which was not far away from our vacation home. The museum was better than I had expected. They had some pieces from Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci. To see artwork from so famous artists in real life was really cool. They also had sculptures which were over 2000 years old. To imagine that is crazy. The museum also had a great view over Florence. All in all the museum was extremely cool and I’m glad our dad made us go there.

After the museum we were extremely exhausted, ate an ice cream and headed back to the car. On the way home I took some more pictures of beautiful Florence.

The day in Florence was just great!!

We didn’t do much more for the last couple days except enjoying our vacation. On the last day we went to a restaurant with a small farm down the road where we had been once before. We ate a very delicious dinner and saw a beautiful sunset.

This blogpost was a little different to the one about Croatia. This time I focused more on the pictures and there was less text. I hope you still enjoyed it. But I also have to say that I had lots of fun taking the pictures and I’m impressed of how awesome couple of the pictures turned out. Which pictures were your favorite? I’m very curious to find out which pictures you liked so let me know in the comments!

See you soon, LOU


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