A day in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany

Because of the Unity Day of Germany on Monday, October 3rd we had a long weekend. It’s kind of similar to 4th of July in the US but sadly the Germans don’t really celebrate it at all. But I definitely can’t complain about the day off from school.

Two of my mom’s good friends from Sweden and Norway stayed with us for couple days so we decided to show them Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of the top three tourist cities in Germany and it is only about 45min away from my home. It’s famous all over the world and no fewer than 11.8 million people come to Heidelberg every year. The main attraction for all visitors is, of course, Heidelberg Castle on top of Mount Königstuhl. Heidelberg is a good example for a very German town with all the old streets, buildings, churches and many other sights. Heidelberg is also known for the oldest University in Germany. I have been to Heidelberg before and I remembered all the tourist everywhere. But last Saturday it was not as bad as I remembered probably because of the rainy weather. First we walked through all the old streets of Heidelberg, walked by the “Universitäts Bücherrei” (University library) which is in a beautiful building, went into a shop with ver typical German souvenirs and then we stopped at the Heiliggeist church. After a short snack we walked 315 steps to get to the castle. It was very pretty but it’s half a castle and half a ruin. There you had an amazing view over Heidelberg. In the castle they have the world’s biggest wine barrel which holds 220,000 liters of wine. It was built in 1751 out of 130 oak trees. Crazy right? We also went to the German pharmacy museum inside the castle. We took the Bergbahn (funicular) to get down and went to the Old Bridge (German: Alte Brücke) which is crossing the Neckar River. We were lucky because for the first time of the day the sun came out and was shining on the castle. It looked so pretty! There was also a rainbow across the river ending on a tower of the castle. That was very stunning. When it got dark we went back to the car and headed home. It was a very nice day in Heidelberg and I really recommend it to everyone who will visit Germany someday.






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