Four amazing days in Munich, Germany

For a longer time my friends and I were planning to go somewhere just by ourselves and without parents. So we decided to go to Munich which is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It’s the 3rd largest city in Germany and in my opinion also one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been. The German name for Munich is “München”. You probably heard of it before because Munich is the city where the Oktoberfest takes place.

Our travel started at the train station in Karlsruhe because we chose the cheapest option to get to Munich; the bus. After a little bit more than 3h of sleeping, learning, joking around and talking we arrived in Munich. Lucky us, the weather was way better than we had expected! We took the subway to Marienplatz and suddenly we stood in the heart of Munich. The sun was shining at the Neues Rathaus (=New town hall) and we were right on time for the Glockenspiel which is an attraction for tourist from all over the world. It’s in the middle of the tower of the building and it consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures which tell the story of the marriage of the Duke Wilhelm V to Renata of Lorraine. Under them there are cooper figures dancing. All in all it is fun to watch and listen to the sound of the bells and also watching the tourists going crazy about the Glockenspiel. Finally we brought our bags to the hotel and got something to eat. Then we went to the Frauenkirche (English: Cathedral of Our Dear Lady) which is quite famous for Munich. You always see it on postcard or skylines of Munich. Unfortunately the two towers were closed to the public because of renovations so we went to the Alter Peter church and went on the top of the tower. A lot of tourist were on the top but we still had a great view over Munich. We were even able to see mountains in the background because Munich is very close to the Alps.

In the afternoon we rented bikes to ride around the English Garten. It’s like the Central Park in New York just a little smaller. Doing the bike tour was probably one of my favorites while we were in Munich. The Englischer Garten is so beautiful and within no time you’re out of the busy city and surrounded by green. On a hill in the Englischer Garten is a nice pavilion where we saw a stunning sunset. The sun was going down behind the skyline of Munich. Just amazing!! Have a look at the pictures.

These are one of my absolute favorite pictures:



If you look closely you can see the silhouette of the Frauenkirche and many other sights.

After the sunset it became very cold and we returned our bikes, checked in the hotel, ate something for diner and went straight to bed because we were really tired after this busy day.

The next day we decided to go shopping because it was raining but somehow I couldn’t find anything! That was kind of frustrating. Do you know the feeling that if you’re looking for something nice to buy  you can’t find anything and then when you don’t have the time or money you see so many things you really want to buy? This is literally me!

But at least later in the evening I got to visit my godmother Mira and her family. Because of my exchange year we haven’t seen each other for a long time. We had a lot to talk about and I got to meet their son who was born in May. Their older daughter grew up so much while I was in the US. It’s crazy how fast kids grow! As always I really enjoyed my time with Mira and her family.

After I met up with my friends we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a little bit. After a while we decided to take the subway to go to the Siegestor (=Victory Gate). By night it looked really cool. And even the name is Siegestor we started calling it the Brandenburger Gate, which is one of the most famous sights in Germany, because it looks kind of similar just a little bit smaller than the original in Berlin.


The next day we slept in so late that we ate lunch instead of breakfast. At Subway was “chicken teriyaki day” so we got it for only 2€. Then we went to the Olympia Park which is a little outside of Munich. It was freezing cold!! We took some pictures and walked around the park until it got too cold so we went back to the hotel to warm up.



Because it was the last evening we wanted celebrate our trip to Munich so we decided go out for diner. First we went to the famous Hofbräuhaus which has traditional Bavarian food and all varieties of Bavarian beer. But it was very crowded and loud because it’s another attraction for tourists so we left. Somehow it was kind of difficult to find a good restaurant but we ended up eating in a nice restaurant with a great Bavarian atmosphere. Did you know that with the age of 16 in Germany you’re allowed to buy alcoholic beverages like beer, sparkling wine and wine? So because Munich is the city of Oktoberfest and beer we drank a real “bayrisches Bier”.

On our last day we walked over the “Viktualienmarkt” which is a food market in the centre of Munich. Somehow it reminded me of the Quincy Market in Boston, my fav city on earth. I bought some souvenirs for my family and then the boys convinced us to go to KFC for lunch because we don’t have one in Karlsruhe. But on the way there I went into a restaurant and asked if they have “Weißwurst to go”. I really wanted to eat a traditional Bavarian sausage before we would leave Munich so I sat in KFC and ate my Weißwurst. After that we walked to the “Welle”. It’s a standing wave in the Eisbach river which is produced by the water pumping mechanism and skilled surfers surf on it. I think it’s so cool that you have the possibility to surf in a city so far away from the ocean. A lot of people were watching the surfers who even surf when it’s almost below freezing or by night. Those surfers are a little bit crazy but also very cool.

We had some time left so we went for a walk in the Englischer Garten. Do you want to know the great thing about visiting Munich during fall? It’s the amazing coloring of the trees in the park. It looked so beautiful but I have to admit, we were extremly lucky with the weather because three out of four days it was sunny. We were able to walk around with open jackets which is not usual for November.

Oh and by the way I think Munich’s architecture is just amazing. A lot of cities here in germany have a lot of old buldings but I feel in Munich are beautiful old buldings EVEYWHERE!! Take a look on the pictures I took over the four days in Munich:

The walk in the park was the perfect ending of four amazing days with my friends in Munich. I enjoyed my time there so much because we were so independent and we decided what we want and what we don’t want to do. We also saw many sights in Munich and all in all it was a great trip. There are many more to go I would say. Thanks to Rapha, Basti and Yannick (+Wampi) for this great experience!

Which one is your favorite picture? Let me know in the comments!

Right now I’m extremely busy studying for school which really stinks but well I can’t change it. Only two more years and then I’m done with school. Anyway I probably won’t be able to post anything else before 2017 because as I said I’m so busy in school and it looks like my next trip will be to Switzerland during winter break. There we’ll go skiing and snowboarding with friends. I’ll keep you updated. See you soon!


3 thoughts on “Four amazing days in Munich, Germany

  1. Moni says:

    Klingt wirklich große Klasse , euer Trip. Und das hast du/ihr prima gemacht, auch wenn mir die Entscheidung, dich alleine reisen zu lassen, nicht leicht gefallen ist, trotz USA…:)
    Und wieder mal tolle Fotos. Das vom Sonnenuntergang und das vom goldenen Laubhügel mit Teehaus o. ä. gefällt mir am besten.


  2. Renate / GM says:

    Liebe Louise, ich weiß gar nicht, was ich mehr bewundere, die ganz fantastischen Fotos oder die begeisterten und begeisternden Texte, die Du zu Eurem Trip nach München verfasst hast. Ich habe diesen letzten Blog schon wiederholt gelesen und tue es – in Sequenzen – immer mal wieder. Es ist eindrucksvoll, auf welche Weise Du Dir nach Deiner Rückkehr Städte wie Heidelberg oder München zu eigen machst (bemerkenswert für eine Sechzehnjährige !). Und, indem Du immer mal wieder Vergleiche zu den Städten ziehst, die Du im vergangenen Jahr in den USA kennengelernt hast, erweiterst Du Deine ‘Sicht auf die Welt’ immens.
    Ich habe auch gut verstanden, dass Du die nächsten beiden Jahre auf dem OHG mit großer Intensität und Konzentration angehen willst. Sonst hätte ich Dir vorgeschlagen, zu Weihnachten für die Verwandtschaft Foto-/Reisebüch(er)lein herzustellen, aber das ist viel zu zeitaufwändig. Ich drucke mir Deine Blogs aus und “konserviere” sie mir auf diese Weise, – auch wenn die schönen Fotos auf normalem Druckerpapier ihre Strahlkraft verlieren. Alles geht halt nicht ! – Dennoch möchte ich Dich bitten, mir das Foto der
    beiden Schramm-Familien in Eurem Garten, als die D’dorfer des letzte Mal in KA waren, in Postkarten-Größe auf Fotokarton zu produzieren – und nichts Anderes zu schenken !!! Wäre das möglich ?
    Recht herzlichen Dank und Dir eine ‘gute Strecke’ bis Weihnachten, GM


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