Family & Friends vacation in Les Paccots, Switzerland

It is kind of a family tradition to go skiing in the first days of the new year. Usually we go to the Schwarzwald which is nearby but for the last three years friends invited us to their vacation home in Les Paccots in the French part of Switzerland. So on January 2nd we drove to Les Paccots. I like Switzerland because it has a beautiful nature. Already on the highway we had a great view on the mountains. I love mountains a lot because I really enjoy activities in the mountains like climbing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. The nature and landscapes in Switzerland are amazing! Wherever you are, you always see mountains and sometimes even with a white top. It is too bad that because of the Swiss currency everything from hotels, food, ski passes and living in general is so expensive that we rarely go to Switzerland for vacation.

Surprisingly there was mostly no snow when we arrived in Les Paccots. The vacation home is a typical Swiss house with a rustically furniture. I really like the house because of its coziness, the 360° angle view of the mountains, the fireplace which warms you up after being in outside, the wellness room in the basement with a sauna and a massage tub, the soft beds and the relaxing atmosphere in general. There’s also no wifi so you’re basically cut off the world which is not even that bad because you really have time to relax then.

The next morning when I got up I quickly looked out the window like a little girl to check if it had snowed because I really wanted to go snowboarding but unfortunately it did not snow. So after I had breakfast I took the camera and decided to walk up the mountain where normally the ski slopes are. The grass was dry and brown so I was surprised to find a lot of “Silberdistel”-flowers almost at the top.

In the afternoon we went iceskating, played board games, had a sauna and ate dinner. We had “Käsefondue” and Racelette.


Since there still was no snow we got up very early the next day and drove 1 1/2h to Thion to go ski. The ski area is higher so there was enough snow. My dad and I snowboarded and everyone else skied. The ski passes were insane expensive as I told you before but it was worth it. We never had to wait at the lift, there were a lot of gondolas and chairlifts (which was great for me because my knee starts to hurt if I can’t relive pressure on it), the snow was great (at least most of the time) and the best thing by far was the view. I can’t remember that I’ve ever snowboarded with such a beautiful view. When we took a break we ate a “Drei Königs Kuchen” (=”Three wise men” cake) and lucky me, I had the piece with the little figure in it so I got a paper crown which we taped on my helmet. After the long day skiing and snowboarding we were very tired and drove home.

Back at the vacation home it finally started to snow. Yay! So for the next couple days we slept in and then took our slides and walked up the mountain. Then we drove down a little too crazy and fast than our moms probably wanted us to do. The walks up were exhausting but sliding down was a lot of fun. Sometimes we also had a competition who would be back at the house first. One afternoon my dad and two of our friends took our snowboards and went up the ski route. It was a little difficult because the slope was not prepared so there were a lot of bumps and holes and once you have to walk up the hill first to snowboard down you realize how lucky you are to have lifts. It must’ve been tough to ski before there were lifts.

Every evening we went into the sauna and to cool down we went outside in the snow. It’s crazy how long you’re able to stay outside in the cold when you’ve been in the sauna before. We also drank a hot chocolate in the snow.

On our last day we went up the mountain for one more time and I finally took the camera with me. We walked a little further than before and we had a wonderful view over the valley of Fribourg and then the Lake of Geneva. We were also able to see the Mount Blanc which is with 4810m the highest mountain in Europe. That was really impressive!

The last pictue on the left pretty much describes how much fun it is to slide down the mountain like crazy. This one and the picture with the lift on the left, the two mountains in the middle and the trees on the right are my favorite pictures of the vacation. ButI also like all the mountain pictures because they capture the stunning view we had.

The next pictures are kind of before and after snow shots.

Our stay in Switzerland was very relaxing and exactly the kind of vacation I needed after such a crazy exhausting time in school. Now I should have enough energy to “survive” the next months of crazy studying for school. So a big thank you to the Genz family!

By the way, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a good start in the new year. In my opinion 2016 could’ve just repeat itself one more time because 2016 was one of the best years of my life. Anyway, for Christmas my mom surprised my family and me with a trip to Barcelona in Spain during February break so be ready for the next blogpost about Barelonaaaa!


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