Pros and Cons about being home alone in Düsseldorf

[...] Again, we met up in the city and walked to the Rheinturm which is a telecommunications tower to see Düsseldorf from above. Usually when I visit cities I always try to get a chance to see it from a bird’s view because I love seeing many of the tourist attractions at once without walking that much and it’s fun to compare how different the cities look. Speaking of birds, since Katharina got up very early we were in the city around 10am and paid the “early bird” price.


Exploring Barcelona

You could play “I spy my little eye…” all day long. Instead of trying to find the right word to describe how crazy amazing the church is, I’ll show you some photos instead. I really hope they help you to understand what I’m talking about. Oh, one more thing, when I entered the Sagrada Família I couldn’t stop myself from saying a more than deeply impressed “wow” out loud. The arcituecte is so ingenious and the windows create such a special atmosphere.