Exploring Barcelona

Hi there! Long time no see but oh well, school kept me busy. So that’s why you had to wait so long for my blog about Barcelona. By the way, I’m doing ok ish in school but at least I can even out my bad math grades with my English grades.

Anyway, about one month ago during our February break my family and I flew from cold and rainy Germany to warm and sunny Spain. It had been quite a long time since my last time to Spain so I was quite excited for that (and also the Spanish food haha).

But even before we landed I’ve done something so typical for me and forgot my phone our car. Yay! I still don’t know how that could’ve happened?! But at least I didn’t forget the camera and so I can show you the pictures of day one in Barcelona.

Later in the afternoon we decided to visit the Picasso Museum because it’s for free on Sundays. Even though we had to wait a little while in line it was really cool and interessting to see original paintings from a painter you’ve had heard of since you were little. They also had such a cute backyard there.

On our second day In Barcelona we went to the Sagrada Família and holy moly, the church was the most beautiful and amazing church by far I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing to compare with. I will give you one advice: If you ever visit Barcelona don’t miss visiting the Sagrada Família! It’s hard to describe what exactly impressed me so much. It’s just that you overthink what a human being is capable to do with his own hand (and of course some tools but still). Since the church is “only” almost 100 years old and still not completely finished, it’s cool to see the differences to other churches which are built many decades before. Back then they had not the ability to create so detailed and realistic looking figures. You could play “I spy my little eye…” all day long. Instead of trying to find the right word to describe how crazy amazing the church is, I’ll show you some photos instead. I really hope they help you to understand what I’m talking about. Oh, one more thing, when I entered the Sagrada Família I couldn’t stop myself from saying a more than deeply impressed “wow” out loud. The arcituecte is so ingenious and the windows create such a special atmosphere.


As I said before, there is so much detail in each figure. That is why there is a sea turtle on the left and a turtoise on the right. The reason for that is that to the left there is the ocean and to the right there is the land.

On this day we also went to the Antoni Gaudí Museum which is inside the “Casa Milà”. By the way, Gaudí is the architect who constructed Sagarda Familia. He was such a talented architect and built a lot of famous buildings in Barcelona. One of the buildings is “Casa Milà” also known as “La Pedrera”. It’s one of the main Gaudí residential buildings and one of the “most imaginative houses of the history of the architecture”, this building is more a sculpture than a building. It had a really cool inner courtyard and roof top with a beautiful view.

After so much culture we slept in and then went to the other side of Barcelona to visit a building which in my eyes looked somehow like a bus station. Much to the disgust of my dad who used to be an architect because it turned out that this building is the (more or less) famous German Pavilion. The Pavilion was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona. According to Wikipedia “it is an important building in the history of modern architecture, known for its simple form and its spectacular use of extravagant materials, such as marble, red onyx and travertine“. Actually I did like the bus station because when thinking of that they built this building almost 100 years when everyone else was building houses which were typical for that time, they had created a building which is still modern today.

On our way to the German Pavilion we also saw a movie theater which looked more like an old bullfighting arena and the Museu Etnològic de Barcelona which is in a beautiful old building.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the area around the Pavilion. For example we went to the Olympic Stadium, visited the Miro Museum and walked through such a beautiful park with the really cute stairs and even a small amphitheater.

After we had something to eat we took the subway to get closer to the ocean and continued walking around there. We saw a huge Columbus statue, many greedy sea eagles and a lot of boats.

The weather on the fourth day was better than we had expected so when we arrived at Park Güell is was quite hot. But I’m not going to complain about that. It was so nice to enjoy the first days of spring with such a beautiful view as we had from the park. As I mentioned it before, Gaudí impacted the architecture of Barcelona quite a lot because even Parc Güell is made from him. The park is quite big so we walked around for a while and were amazed by the nice little paths, the famous salamander, the market area, the mosaics everywhere and so on. I do have to say that Gaudí did an excellent job on everything he built. I really liked how much detail he puts into things. Once again we had a wonderful view over Barcelona and the ocean.

With a little sunburn on our checks and some food in our stomach we went to the beach again. We just enjoyed the ocean breeze, collected those small glass pieces and relaxed.

At the last day we got the delicious pastries from an old bakery around the corner like every morning, packed our suitcases, cleaned our apartment and got ready to explore Barcelona one last time. Somehow this trip was all about exploring which I really enjoyed.  Here you can see the view from our nice apartment we stayed at:

Because we had to leave in the afternoon we had not much time to see a lot more (even though in those couple of days we had seen so much and probably visited enough museums for a while). We decided to visit an indoor market and walk to “La Rambla”. At the indoor market I experienced – let’s say – something new. For example the feeling that your stomach is turning upside down because of heads, feet, tongues, brains, eyes, and entrails of all sorts of animal and fish. But since my sister is a vegetarian it was even worse for her. Still feeling a little sick we went to the fruit and vegetable section, bought smoothies and left.

On the way to our apartment we saw some more churches, cool street art and a gigantic thermometer. Then we got our luggage and went to the bus station. I do have to mention that we almost missed our airport shuttle because my dad wanted to buy a kebab. But in the end we got on it and slept on the way to the airport. At the airport we saw the sun setting behind the mountains which looked really cool. And made me want to climb them another time.

Let’s come to a conclusion, that’s what my English teacher wants us to say all the time, I really enjoyed my time in Barcelona. I liked how we slept in every day and then just started exploring the city. We also saw so many sights and tourist attractions. Honestly, I can’t pick my highlight of all those because all of them were as good as the others. Actually perhaps the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Güell were just a tiny, tiny bit better. I’m still so amazed by just looking at the pictures of the church and the artwork in the windows which create such a special atmosphere. It was also fun to be in a city you have never been before and visiting a country you have not been in a long time.

So that was it for today! I hope you enjoyed it. In about three hours I’m heading to my cousin who lives in Düsseldorf, Germany because since we have a two weeks Easter break we wanted to spend some time together. And at the end of the break I will also go to Augsburg, Germany because the son of my god-mother is going to be baptized. So stay tuned some more blogpost.


One thought on “Exploring Barcelona

  1. Moni says:

    Ich fand die 5 Tage in Barcelona ebenfalls große Klasse mit euch allen. Es macht Spaß mit euch zu reisen und Barcelona ist eine unglaublich facettenreiche Stadt. Welchen Städtetrip machen wir das nächste Mal zusammen?


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