Learning how to sail at Chiemsee

I’m excited to share one of the coolest week ever with you. What sounds better than learning how to sail on an amazing lake with couple of your best friends, getting tan while relaxing on the boat, watching sunrises and sunsets and doing all sorts of crazy things? Not much right?!

Anyway, at the beginning of the school year the entire 11th class had to decided where they would like to go at the end of this year. You could pick between Berlin, London, Rome, Köln and sailing at the Chiemsee. Luckily, I chose sailing. First of all because it was so much fun and second of all it turned out to be the best option for my knee.

I was kind of busy before the trip so I had not much time to think about the next week so I got surprised twice. The first surprise was because we had to change trains in Munich which I didn’t know. Since we had a little over 1h for that Basti, Rapha and I got to walk around in Munich. Remember my post about Munich in fall 2016? I’ve been to Munich with Basti, Rapha and Yannick so it was really cool to walk through the streets we already knew and to be familiar with the area.


The second surprise was the Chiemsee itself. I totally got blown away! The lake has green-turquoise water and in the background you can see mountains. We had arrived in the evening and the sun was setting which turned everything in a pink light. Full of enthusiasm we jumped into the lake.

The next morning, we got introduced with our two sailing teachers Luki and Jonathan. Luki talks in “Urbayrisch” which is a very strong Bavarian accent. It sounds great! He has been sailing since over 50 years and knows everything about sailing, the boat, the weather (sailing is very much depending on the weather) and all the knots you need on the boat. Luki and Jonathan showed us the boats we would use and explained couple of things to us and then we were already on the boat trying to sail. Since there was not much wind is was not that hard and we quickly figured out the basics. While the groups of three or four people were on the boats, Jonathan and Luki were on motor boats helping us if we needed them.

Most of the following days just looked like this: we got up in the morning, had breakfast, got down to the harbor with our sailing boats (Lucky me, because of my knee surgery I was able to drive with Jonathan in his convertible while everyone else had to walk), we got onto the sailing boats and tried new maneuvers called “Starting and coming in”, “taking a reef”, “tracking” and “gybing”. At noon, we ate lunch and got back at the lake. Sometimes there was not enough wind so we just relaxed on the boat in the sun and listened to music. Even though you do need wind to sail, I’m not complaining about the relaxing time we got on the boat while knowing our friends in Rome, London, etc. would be walking plenty of miles right now. If the wind was calm we also got to gaze at the beautiful mountains in the background which sometimes only were silhouettes.

When we were done sailing for the say we jumped into the Chiemsee to cool off and played cards and board games in the evenings. It was pretty neat, they had an inflatable bouncy house, a trampoline and a pontoon on the water.


One evening three of my friends and I went for a walk and saw a beautiful sunset. I just had to fall in love with this beautiful lake.

The next evening, we went to a restaurant by the lake and had something to drink. While we played cards, someone came up with the idea to take a boat and paddle with it. Some of the boys ended up being stranded on the inflatables or fell in the water. It was hilarious and funnily it was quite an attraction for the guests at the restaurant.

On our last sailing day, we had a little race and my boat came in second or third which was really cool. Unfortunately, the motor boats had to pull us all the way back because a storm was coming. Once we set our feet on the boat bridge it started to rain and once we got back to the sailing school pouring rain started. It didn’t matter to us because we had to study for the sailing certificate which we all ended up passing. Besides my driving license I now also own a basic certificate for sailing.

I got to tell you one last thing, we tried several times to see the sunrise at Chiemsee because Jonathan had mentioned that it’s pretty and worth it to get up at 5am in the morning but the sky was always kind of cloudy.

Well that was my post about our so called “Studienfahrt” to the amazing Chiemsee! During the week I kept telling (maybe even annoying) everonyone how happy I was and that absolutely love it. When I was back home I may have even shed a tear because it was over. Huge thanks to Luki and Jonathan for teaching us how to sail and the car rides, to our teachers for taking us on the trip and my friends for coming with me and making it so much fun. Now, the Chiemsee is my favorite lake in Germany or maybe even in the world and I definitely will come back. Servus!


P.S.: Stay tuned for my post about the US. I’m flying to Boston THIS Friday and you can’t believe how excited I am. It’s gonna be a great time.


3 thoughts on “Learning how to sail at Chiemsee

  1. Justin Ekstrom says:

    Great read Lou! What a picturesque lake, too. I think it is cool to read your blog because you really appreciate life and being happy. On another note, I relate to your disappointing sunrise because in the Dominican the one morning I got up to see the sunrise over the Carribean ocean, it was extremely cloudy. Can’t wait to see you this Friday/Saturday!


  2. Renate / GM says:

    Im Grunde schließe ich mich voll und ganz Justins Kommentar an: Mit besonderer Freude nehme ich in Deinen Blogs immer wieder wahr, wie sehr Du Dich über die Schönheiten von Städten UND Landschaften gleichermaßen freuen kannst. Diesmal sind es das Wiedersehen mit München und die entflammte Liebe für den Chiemsee. Deine Worte und die vielen schönen Fotos machen das immer aufs Neue deutlich. Du schärfst so andauernd Deine Wahrnehmungen und – in der Folge Deine Ausdrucksformen!
    Ich bleibe Dein begeisterter Fan, GM


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