About me

Hi! My name is Louise Schramm. I love to travel and to take pictures. That’s what my new blog is all about. I have another blog, louises travelbook where I wrote about my exchange year in the United States. If you are curious how I experienced the American life you can check out my other blog. But it’s in German. Since my trip I have realized how big the world is, and how different one country is from another. The wanderlust got me! I want to see and explore the world, see different counties and cultures, meet new people, speak different languages and travel, travel, travel! In the US I wrote about my daily life so my family and friends back in Germany would be able to stay updated. Writing the blog was very time consuming but a lot of fun too. That’s why I have decided to make another blog about traveling. I hope you will enjoy it! My other blog was in my native language German but I wanted my friends from the US to be able to read it too, so I will write in English. I’ve spoken English 24/7 for about 11 months and I’m mostly fluent by now. But I’m not living in the US anymore and sadly I’m not speaking much English anymore. So if I make a mistake please let me know. I also made this blog in English to keep practicing my English.

And here is a little bit about me: As I already told you, my name is Louise. I have a German nickname “Lulu” and an American nickname which I prefer “Lou”. I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school. I live in Karlsruhe a beautiful city in the south west of Germany. When I was in the US I first lived in Hartford, Kansas but then I moved to Wilmington, Massachusetts near Boston. I love Wilmington and Boston so much. In my opinion it’s the best place to do an exchange year and I enjoyed my time there so much. I will try to get a scholarship to come back for college. Fingers crossed that it will work out. I love doing sports and over the years I have tried many but concentrate most on playing tennis and climbing. I like both a lot. When I was in the US I tried volleyball and track which I liked a lot too. During the spring season I played varsity tennis which was so much fun. I also played basketball for a while but it wasn’t the right thing for me. During the winter I ski and snowboard. I also enjoy hanging out with friends. Since I can’t hang out with all of my friends anymore because half of them are across the ocean I like to FaceTime them and get updated what’s going on back in Wilmy. In school I like art, especially Ceramics with Ms. Hinman, Photo with Mr. Fionte, sports/gym and sometimes history. That’s all I could think of right now.


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