A day in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany

[...]Heidelberg is one of the top three tourist cities in Germany and it is only about 45min away from my home. It’s famous all over the world and no fewer than 11.8 million people come to Heidelberg every year. The main attraction for all visitors is, of course, Heidelberg Castle on top of Mount Königstuhl. Heidelberg is a good example for a very German town with all the old streets, buildings, churches and many other sights...


Tuscany, Italy / Summer Vacation 2016

[...] One day we went to Montechiello. It's actually the town you can see on the picture above this text. Montechiello is an old Italian town and very pretty. Somehow they had so many flowers there. Most of them were around windows or on every second step of a staircase. We walked around, took pictures, went into the church and drunk a coffee in a nice restaurant with a wonderful view...

Climbing in Paklenica, Croatia

[...] and realized once again how much I love climbing, the adrenaline that causes it, the feeling of conquering the nature and the pure happiness of reaching the top of the mountain and the moment when you are close to give up but then you make it. Climbing outside in the nature is so stunning and way better than climbing in the gym.