Places I want to go

I have seen a lot but I would love to see some more places:

First of all I want to go back to the US. I miss the people, things, places and my life I built up there in general. I know it will not be the same but I can’t wait to come back anyways. Because the plane tickets are so expensive I started tutoring kids in English and I’ll babysit for friends. After the last two years of school here in Germany I will try my best to get a scolarship so I can study at a college in the US.

Update (3/2/2017): Guess who is beyond excitement to be coming back to the US on July 28th? It’s me!! I booked the plane ticket yesterday and I can not wait until July.

Then I would like to visit my friend Linnéa from Norway. I met her during my exchange year in the US. We became close friends and I can not wait to visit her and see Norway. Since I know her I started to fall in love with the beautiful nature of Norway. Hopefully it will work out for us spring or summer 2017.

I also would like to see Australia, South America and Africa some time in the future when I’m older.