Places I want to go

I have seen a lot but I would love to see some more places:

First of all I want to go back to the US. I miss the people, things, places and my life I built up there in general. I know it will not be the same but I can’t wait to come back anyways. Because the plane tickets are so expensive I started tutoring kids in English and I’ll babysit for friends. After the last two years of school here in Germany I will try my best to get a scholarship so I can study at a college in the US.

Update (3/2/2017): Guess who is beyond excitement to be coming back to the US on July 28th? It’s me!! I booked the plane ticket yesterday and I cannot wait until July.

Then I would like to visit my friend Linnéa from Norway. I met her during my exchange year in the US. We became close friends and I can not wait to visit her and see Norway. Since I know her I started to fall in love with the beautiful nature of Norway. Hopefully it will work out for us spring or summer 2017.

I also would like to see Australia, South America and Africa sometime in the future when I’m older.

Update (1/23/18): Only couple more months until graduation. I’m not looking forward the time I will need to study for my exams but I’m very much looking forward the time after that. I have looots of plans. First, I would like to borrow my grandpas VW camper van to go to the Chiemsee again (click here to read the blogpost about the Chiemsee) and drive further down to Italy to go climbing. Then I might get the chance to work at an Chinese school near Hong Kong for 6 months together with my cousin who is the same age as me. If that works out, after that we will be traveling though Asia for some time before we start university and the “real” life.